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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Hotel Wartmann am Bahnhof

Rudolfstrasse 15
8400 Winterthur
Tel. +41 52 260 07 07

The most important keywords for your well-being and around your stay in the Hotel Wartmann am Bahnhof


Find our Terms and Conditions here.


extension cables and a range of mobile phone chargers are available at the reception desk for a deposit of CHF 30.

Baby cots

are available at the reception desk free of charge.


can be found in the pedestrian underpass leading from the train station to the city centre. Please enquire at the front desk about the location and opening hours of the nearest bank branches.


There is a bar in the Argentina Restaurant and Steakhouse.


is made of high quality down feathers. Please contact reception if you suffer from allergies. They can provide you with synthetic bedding.


Whether you want to go shopping in the city or discover the lookout "Bäumli": You can borrow Flyer e-bikes at the reception desk FREE OF CHARGE.


Do you need an extra duvet or a woollen blanket? Please ask reception. We are happy to bring an additional blanket to your room for free.

Boarding pass

If you send your boarding pass to, reception will print it for you.


Our rich breakfast buffet is included in the room rate. It is located on the ground floor in our "Hofsaal". Breakfast is served Tuesday to Friday.

Business centre

A high-speed Internet Corner with a printer/scanner/photocopier is located near the reception desk. You may use the Internet Corner 24 hours a day free of charge. Please ask for a key at the reception desk.

Car rental

Please contact reception for information about rental cars.

Check-in / Check-out

Your room is ready for you at 2 p.m. If you wish to check in earlier, please enquire at the front desk. We kindly ask you to check out by 12 p.m. on your day of departure. Should you wish to leave later (no later than 1:30 p.m.), please contact reception about possibilities and costs.


Please enquire at our front desk about churches and prayer halls and their opening hours. You can find information on the regional churches at and


A vending machine can be found in the entrance area. Please ask reception for an age control chip.

Conference rooms

are managed by the Argentina Restaurant & Steakhouse. For more information please contact the restaurant.

Credit cards / Cheques

We accept Visa, Mastercard, EC Maestro, CUP Union Pay, Diners Club, American Express and Postcard. We are unable to accept Reka Card and Reka cheques.

Do not disturb

Please put the sign on your door if you do not want to be disturbed. We kindly ask you to remove the sign when you leave your room so it can be cleaned, which usually happens between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m.


Please contact our front desk if you need an emergency physician.

Drinks & snacks

There is a vending machine with a broad range of products in our lobby.

Dry cleaning / Laundry

Please bring your laundry in a laundry bag together with the filled-out form to the front desk before noon. Laundry bags and forms can be found in your wardrobe. Your laundry will be returned by 12 p.m. the following day. If you request express service (CHF 20 extra charge) your laundry is returned on the same day.


Our sockets are 220V throughout the house. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact reception.


Two elevators are located next to our reception desk. In case of a fire alarm please use the stairs and the emergency exits.


Please contact reception at any time. For minor cases of emergency, a first-aid kit with disinfectant, band-aids and bandages is available from our front desk. In case of a medical emergency please dial 0-144.

Escape plan

You can find a plan showing all emergency exits and escape routes attached to your bedroom door.

Faulty equipment

Your hair-dryer does not work? Your window is stuck? Please let us know as soon as possible to allow our service team to resolve the issue immediately.

Fire alarm

Please study the escape routes on the plan attached to your door. Do not use the elevator in case of an alarm. If your escape route is blocked, stay in your room, close the door and draw attention to yourself (phone, window).

Fire prevention

Please help us prevent fires. In case of an alarm, please refer to the plan in your room showing the emergency exits. Do not use the elevator in case of an alarm. If your escape route is blocked, stay in your room, close the doors and draw attention to yourself (phone, window).


As we do not have our own fitness centre, we recommend Fitnessplus-Studio next door: / Tel. +41 52 202 64 64. Hotel guests pay CHF 15 per session (regular price CHF 26). Please enquire at reception.

Flights: arrivals & departures

The international airport of Zurich-Kloten is about 20 km away. Journey times: 13 minutes by train, 20 minutes by taxi (between CHF 80 and CHF 100). Ask reception about arrival and departure times or check them online at

Foreign exchange

You can exchange Euros and Dollars for Swiss Francs at our hotel exchange rate at the front desk. We recommend exchanging your money at Winterthur train station. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 5:45 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday/Sunday 5:45 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Every room has a refrigerator. A vending machine with a range of products can be found in our lobby.


There are fresh fruits to take away at the reception desk. Please help yourself!


Every bathroom is equipped with a hairdryer.

Heating / Air conditioning

The temperature is the same everywhere in the house. You can control your room temperature individually from your bedroom through your heater and your air-conditioning unit. We will be happy to provide an additional electric heater or fan if required. For this, please contact reception.


Do you need an extra towel, soap, a flannel, an additional pillow or an extra blanket? Please contact reception and we will bring the required item to your room free of charge.

Hygiene articles

Different toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, nail file, cotton swabs, disposable razors and shower caps are available at the front desk 24 hours free of charge. You will also find free shampoo, shower gel and body lotion in your bathroom.


is available at the restaurant upon request.

Internet (highspeed)

Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel. Please connect to the WARTMANN or MOBILE network using the wireless assistant of your notebook or smart phone. Ask reception for the password. Rooms 1 to 7 are equipped with an additional cable connection.

Iron and ironing board

are available free of charge. Please contact the front desk or help yourself (in front of room No. 6 on every floor). You are welcome to keep the iron and the ironing board in your room for the time of your stay.

Kettle for coffee and tea

A kettle as well as complimentary coffee and tea can be found in your room. Please call reception on 611 if you need more.

Key cards

Please carry your room key card with you at all times. Our night porter closes the front door at midnight. With your key card you can enter the building around the clock. If you press the green button on the lock of your door, it cannot be opened from the outside.


We reserve the right to charge you for wilful damage. The hotel does not accept any liability for your personal belongings.

Lost and found

If you find anything that someone may have lost, please hand it in at the reception desk. If you have lost something, please report this to reception, too.


Come and sit, chat, have a break and unwind in our spacious, welcoming lounge next to our front desk. There is also a separate smoking area.

Luggage room

There is a luggage room next to our front desk. Please ask reception.


is delivered from Monday to Saturday and will be kept for you at the front desk. Please enquire with reception for outgoing mail. Stamps and postcards of Winterthur are also available at our front desk.


Winterthur boasts several museums, some of which are world-famous. The Oskar Reinhart Collection "am Römerholz" is of excellent international repute. The Art Museum and the Winterthur Fotomuseum (museum of photography) are also well worth a visit. Leaflets on current exhibitions can be found at the front desk.

Newspapers / Magazines

Various newspapers and magazines can be found in our lounge.

Non-smoking rooms

All our rooms are non-smoking. If you smoke in your room, we will charge CHF 150 for cleaning. We reserve the right to charge CHF 1200 for a possible false fire alarm with the fire brigade.


There is no hotel car park. We recommend the public car park at the train station opposite our hotel. Special charge for hotel guests: CHF 15 for 24 hours. Please show your parking ticket to our receptionist before driving out.


(dogs, cats) are welcome for a charge of CHF 10 to CHF 20 per day and animal (not including food). Please note that dogs must be kept on a leash in and outside the hotel.


are located on the lower level of the "Stadttor" at Winterthur train station.


Our receptionist is happy to make photocopies for you (CHF 0.40 per page).


Do you need an extra pillow? Please contact reception and we will bring you the pillow you need free of charge, whether you require a millet-filled pillow or a special pillow for you neck.

Porter service

Please let us know if you need help handling your luggage. Please ask reception.

Public bathrooms

are located in the basement.


All rooms are equipped with a TV set with an integrated radio.

Reception desk

A night porter watches over your sleep and ensures your safety. You can call reception on 611.


You can book your room around the clock by telephone, e-mail or online on our homepage: Online Booking – or you can simply speak to reception.


There is a safe in every room. We recommend leaving your personal belongings and items of value in the safe. You can lock the safe by entering your personal code; a detailed manual explaining how to use the safe can be found next to it.

Sewing kit

Lost a button? You can obtain a sewing kit from our front desk around the clock.


Whether you are looking for fashion, jewellery, a traditional market or a second-hand shop, a large or small shopping mall: Winterthur has everything you need. Please ask at our front desk about opening hours and for directions.


A separate, comfortable area in our lounge next to the reception desk is available for our smoking guests.


There are several electric sockets in your room. Please ask our front desk staff if you have any questions. They can also provide you with adapters.


On the upper level of the "Manor" department store or at "Winterthur Tourismus" at the train station you will find a large selection of souvenirs from Winterthur and Switzerland. For more information please ask reception.


There is a list with possible sporting activities in the vicinity in an information booklet in your bedroom.

Swimming pool

We recommend the indoor/outdoor swimming pool "Geiselweid" about 25 minutes' walk from the hotel.


Cutlery, glasses and plates are available from our front desk upon request.


Our receptionist is happy to call a taxi for you. It should normally arrive within 10 minutes.


Please dial 0 for an external line. You can call reception on 611. To call other rooms, please dial the room number.


Apart from the Stadttheater and the Casinotheater Winterthur there are several small theatres in Winterthur.


Additional toiletries such as razor set, soap, comb, nail file, cotton swabs, shower caps, female hygiene products, toothpaste and toothbrush are available at the front desk 24 hours free of charge.

Tours / Day trips

We are happy to organise tours and day trips for you. A selection of tours can be found in the "Best of Switzerland Tours" leaflet. You can book your tour directly with our reception staff.

Train / Bus

For bus and train timetables please ask at the front desk or check online at or


All rooms are equipped with a satellite colour TV. Channel 39 is unsuitable for viewers under the age of 18. A TV guide can be found in the lounge.


can be borrowed from the front desk free of charge. Please bring them back afterwards.

Wake up call

Please notify reception if you require a wake-up call. You will be woken up by phone.


Our tap water is perfectly safe to drink. You will find a kettle plus free instant coffee and different teas in every room. In addition we offer a complimentary bottle of mineral water. More snacks or drinks can be bought from the vending machine in the lobby.