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Skills Park

Leisure and Sports Complex in Winterthur

Not far from our hotel and just a stone's throw from the platforms, sports enthusiasts and action fanatics can find a spectacular leisure complex. At the Skillspark, which covers an area of some 6000 sq.m (64,600 sq. ft), traditional basic sport forms are mixed with action sports.

Various areas of the park are geared towards skates, mountain bikes, Freestyle BMX, skis and snowboards on wheels. Other facilities include trampolines with foam pits, a hall for ball games, and an artificial surface track for track and field disciplines, gymnastics and fitness, to name just a few.

The aim of the Skillspark is to promote mobility, agility and fitness among its visitors. 

Let's take a break after an exciting day in one of our comfortable rooms and extend your stay in Winterthur! Our picturesque old town is worth a visit, to stroll around. 

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