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Special offers

ART & CULTURE up close

... with the Museumspass, free entry to up to 15 museums in Winterthur. The Winterthur Museumspass opens you doors to every changing exhibition and collection in the museums and castles.

 Winterthur - a true firework of culture. Take your time and let yourself be inspired by more than 15 museums - from classic to modern art over photograpy to historic monuments, there is something for every taste. 

For every reservation you can buy a Museumspass for 1 or 2 days for a discount at the reception. 

Or how about an exclusive guided tour with Lucia Angela Cavegn, lic.phil. art historian? She personally guides you through the museum Oskar Reinhart, the collection Oskar Reinhart "am Römerholz" or through the castle Wülflingen. Don't miss out on this unique experience and get in touch with us today for further information! 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Your host, Rolf Wartmann
... and his BEST "Wartmann" team

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