The history of the hotel Wartmann is the story of a family. External events are recorded here, as far as they influenced their work in Winterthur. It is the story of a catering business, being passed on for more than a hundred years from parents to the caring hands of the next generation. From its humble beginnings it grew to become the pride and joy of the third and fourth generation.

Rolf Wartmann takes up the position of managing director of the Hotel Wartmann AG.

Day restaurant and mirror bar are being refurbished.

»Vegi zur Waage« receives a new look.

32 older hotel rooms are being refurbished to make them brighter and friendlier.

The grill-restaurant is being re-designed.

The garden-restaurant in Rudolfstrasse is refurbished.

Active planning for the project »Haus des Lebens« (house of life) to be build on the premises Paulstrasse 2/Rudolfstrasse.

The Hotel Wartmann AG parts with the property at Paulstrasse2/Rudolfstrasse hosting the grill-restaurant and the theatre hall. The remaining property is restructured and the former »Vegi zur Waage« reopens as »Restaurant Gleis 11« with an integrated bar.

September 30, 2005
Rolf Wartmann acquires the Hotel Wartmann AG from his father, Werner Wartmann.

Throughout the summer we refurbish the 32 Standard Rooms, introducing soundproof windows as well as refurbishing all stairwells and corridors.

The »Hofgarten« is being redesigned.

In January we redesign and refurbish the 40 Superior Rooms.

»Steakhouse Argentina« opens on the premises of »Restaurant Gleis 11«.

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